formerly FOX and GOOSE

Location:- Wellington Street - west side

Brewery or Owner:-finally- Greene,King

On the west side of Wellington Street, we cannot be sure exactly how much of the frontage was used at any one time by the hotel over the years, but the roofline and 4 dormer windows shows plenty of available space and of the the yard at the rear for stabling and cottages. The sale plan in 1932 suggests that at that time only the centre of the block was the hotel, what is nw Pop's Barber Shop and Cinnamon Indian Takeaway
It was the reason for Tony Pringle's grandparents to come to Newmarket in 1931, to view with the intention of taking the hotel on. Seemingly it did not suit Nellie, but Sid said there was another one going a bit further along, the Five Bells. Even that one did not impress Sid but was deemed suitable by Nellie and the family now count themselves as natives, Tony being the first to be born here
The street and hotel were renamed from Fox & Goose to Wellington after the battle of Waterloo.

Between 1911 and 1913 the magistrates decided to have a clear out of licences in the Rookery area as they realised that with 30 licences in St Mary's ward alone they had one beer outlet for every 90 man,woman and child. The Wellington survived that but obviously there were still too many pubs/beer houses in the area and trade was not really sufficient for all of them. Seemingly Greene King, realising at the start of the 1930s that the Ashley Road -Duchess Drive area, rapidly expanding, had no pubs and they seized the chance to purchase the Whitebridge House veterinary practice at that junction. Fair sized house with plenty of storage space with the stable block and so not too much in the way of alterations was needed. The Wellington in Wellington Street .was sold and the licence removed to the New Wellington in 1932, "Archie" Cornish carrying on as the publican at the new premises.

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Year Licensee Owner source
1787 Chapman's map
1803 Bury & Norwich Post
1823 William Murrells Pigot
1830 Mary Murrells Pigot
1844 " " White
1855 Robert Jacob Robert Jacob White
1861 " " " " census
1868 " " " " Morris
1869 " " (died 1869) sold Cambridge Chronicle & Journal
1869 Harriet Simpkins Bury & Norwich Post
1870 Charles Crosier (14 yrs lease) William Hogg Cambridge Independent Press
1871 " " census
1874 " " (Died July 1875) Cambridge Independent Press
1876 Susannah Crosier (Mrs) (widow of previous) Bury Free Press
1877 Susannah Crosier married Christopher Turner Bury Free Press
1881 Christopher Turner census
1891. " " census
1891 " " census
1892 " " Tindall
1895 George Harris Bury Free Press
1900 " " Tindall
1901 John Harris Greene, King census
1905 John Harris " " Cambridge Independent Press
1908 " " " " Russell
1911 Joseph Augustus Scanlan " " census
1925 " " " " Russell
1932 Archibald Emmanuel Cornish " " Bury Free Press