formerly TWO LIONS

Location:- High Street, western end

Brewery or Owner:-finally- Greene, King

Possibly the site of the oldest inn in Newmarket, the Two Lions is certainly recorded in 1638. [Mortgage from Robert Austin to John Cottrell ... dwelling house in tymes past called the Duae Lyons ...] - Deeds held at the Suffolk Record Office
There is a school of thought that the Two Lions was where the Memorial Hall is now,but we subscribe to the following. No newspaper references to the Two Lions have been found.<
When the hotel was rebuilt in the 1930's the swimming pool appeared, a great improvement on the existing "Dip". Refreshment (non alcoholic) could be obtained from a window into the hotel or a purpose built outlet on the balcony of the pool. Although the pool was leased to the local authority, the car parking area out front was always the preserve of the hotel patrons, which could cause some hassle at times. An outdoor facility (from personal experience, at times a very cold dip) it was eventually covered and heated, but the building of a council pool at the new Leisure Centre led to its closure and control returned to Greene, King and it was never used again. The closure came as somewhat of a shock to the townsflk who were used to seeing crowds of customers there on race days, being the last stop for a beer before the long walk to the race course.
In more recent times the Quarton family maintained a presence for many years, including the take over from Wells & Winch by Greene,King. The final stage was set when it was purchased by Bill Gredley's Unex company and was to be demolished and replaced by a modern hotel in conjunction with a large re-development scheme. This would have linked a large area owned by the developers from the High Street, including Queensbury Lodge, Heath Garage and right through to Rowley Drive and encompassing a large superstore for ASDA. This however fell foul of the local planning controls, ie once a stable, always a stable, and the scheme covered two or three unused stable yards.. Currently(2019) with the swimming pool filled in, the hotel is boarded up awaiting planning permission for some other use.
It survived a fire on 3rd November 2018

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Year Licensee Owner source
1768 Chapman's map
1823 Cambridge Chronicle & Journal
1823 Philip Arber Pigot
1841 " " census
1855 " " White
1858 " " for sale Cambridge Chronicle & Journal
1861 " " (died 1863) Phillips (brewer) census
1865 Elizabeth Arber (widow of previous) purchased Inn for £820 Bury Free Press
1868 " " (died 1870) Elizabeth Arber Morris
1870 Mar. John Lancaster for sale Bury Free Press
1871 John Lancaster census
1872 James Bartholomew (ex "Crown") James Bartholomew Newmarket Journal
1881 " "(died 1887) " " census
1887 Matilda Bartholomew (widow of previous) Matidla Bartholomew White
1891 " " " " census
1892 " "(died 1892) " "
1892 Thomas Bartholomew son of previous (died 1896) " " y
189 ? Mrs Cruxton " "
1899 Frank Cruxton (married previous) " " Cambridge Chronicle & Journal
1900 Frank Cruxton " " Kelly
1901 " " bankruptcy proceedings census ≈ Cambridge Independent Press
1904 Charlotte Cruxton (wife of previous) " " Cambridge Independent Press
1908 Alice Maria Gage (Mrs) Hudson Ltd, Papmpisford Kelly
1911 George Gage (died 1912) " " census
1929 Alice Maria Gage (widow of previous) " " Kelly
1933 Herbert Peacock Wells & Winch, Biggleswade Kelly
1937 Kenneth Christopher Dodson "
1939 Norbert H Dawson " " 1939 register
1940s Ronald Cedric Quarton " "
1970s Stewart Quarton (son of previous) Greene,King
1970's Stephen Quarton (brother of previous) " "
1980s Peter Thorogood " "
1990s Neil Beaton " "
199s father-in-law of previous " "
1993 Patrick Doherty " "
1991 Mark Roberts (ex "Bushel") " " local knowledge
24-11-2005Mrs Jill Paine Greene,King licensing register
Jan. 2006 Kevin Quirk and Michael Berry " ""
6-5-2011 Nigel Andrew Wild " " " "
? -2012 Nigel Andrew Wild and Gary Hatcham " " Newmarket Journal
not known Hugh and Elizabeth McIntyre " " Newmarket Journal
12-5-2014 Ms Lee Mansfield Charlesworth " " " "
11-12-2014 Miss Dawn Louise Kelly " " " "
9-12-2015 Ms Wendy Rudd " " " "
2-6-2016 " " Unex (No.3) Ltd " "
2-6-2016 licence surrendered

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engraving from 1820's




WW2..hopefully the barrier would be extended - thanks to Maureen Quarton

1940s - dining room - thanks to Maureen Quarton

1960s - back bar - thanks to Maureen Quarton